Health And Safety Legislations

Legislation, or statute law, is the law of the land and comprises of Acts of Parliament, Regulations and Orders. If a person or business breaks the law they are committing a criminal offense and are likely to be punished by the courts. Health and Safety legislation has existed in the UK since the 1800s when people started to work in factories and were [...]

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SMSTS Training Helps You and Your Managers Comply With Health and Safety Legislation

Hazards are found almost everywhere in construction. It's one of the most dangerous industries with thousands of serious injuries and several deaths occurring each year. The [...]

3 Reasons For Health and Safety Legislation

Health and safety is an area that Britain has become very adept at, to the degree where every aspect of our lives has some form of safety legislation interwoven into it. Since [...]

Work Health and Safety Legislation – An Amateurs Guide to Putting It in Practice

Is it possible to summarise work health and safety laws in a couple of sentences? Can we then use this information to drive best practice work health and safety management? [...]

Accidents in the Workplace and the Importance of Health and Safety Legislation

It is common when you are working in any establishment to encounter some problem regarding your health and safety, and you might even get injured in some cases, depending upon [...]